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1500i - Heavy Duty Commercial Pressure Washer

Ideal for Factories, Garages, Farms, Campgrounds, Pools, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Fast Food Stores, Industry.  All applications that require a heavy duty, portable, electric cleaning system.  Portable - comes on a cart.

Pressure Regulating/Unloader Valves
This feature allows the operator to select the desired operating pressure from 0 to 1500 PSI by simply turning a knob on the machine. Unloader valves reduce unnecessary wear on the motor and pump.  When the trigger is released and no water is spraying, the valves, “unload” the pressure in the pump to zero.  This reduces wear on the system and lengthens pump ad motor life.

Soap/Chemical Application
Includes an Injector to allow controlled measured application of soaps or chemicals.  Controlled by a simple push-pull motion on the barrel of the nozzle, pressure is changed from low to high.  At low pressure, soap can be applied with the water – allowing the soap or chemical to stay on the surface and do its job.  At high pressure, only clear water is being sprayed to rinse and clean.  Since the Injector is located on the “High-Pressure” side of the pump, no chemicals pass through the pump – lengthening pump life.  The Injector is adjustable so that the ratio of soap to water can be changed from “0” to about 10% soap mix, depending on the viscosity of the soap/chemical.

Adjustable Nozzles
All models are equipped with a “Hi-Lo” Nozzle which offers maximum versatility in that the operator can apply cleaners at low pressure or rinse at high pressure, by a simple push-pull adjustment on the nozzle.  Also by rotating the barrel of the nozzle, the spray pattern can be changed from zero degrees (for maximum penetration and power) to any desired fan shaped pattern. 

Rugged Construction
All fittings are brass.


5000B AC Coil Cleaning System with Cast Iron Pump Product Description and PictureCompact  pressure washer, ideal for applications such as cleaning air conditioning coils, vents, hoods, and other items where higher pressure and water flow are not desired. Soaps/Chemicals applied at hi-pressure through a suction hose and through the pump.  Strong acid and caustic cleaners can damage the pump.

  • Electric
  • Variable Pressure 0-1500 PSI
  • Adjustable Angle Nozzle from 0 degrees to wide angle
  • Chemical Injector allows soaps or chemicals to be applied at low pressure
  • Chemicals Do NOT Pass through pump, extending pump life
  • Portable - Comes on a cart.
Portable - On a cart
Motor: 2.0 HP, 3450 RPM, 115/208 - 230 VAC, 60 Hz
(50 Hz Motors Available)
19 Amps
Adjustable pressure up to 1500 PSI
2.1 GPM
25' x 3/8" Hose
Steel Base with 10" Wheels
Trigger Gun w/ Safety
3 Plunger-Oil Bath Pump
28" Quick Couple Wand
Hi-Lo Adjustable Angle Nozzle
35' Service Cord w/ GFCI Plug
81 lbs (Non-Freight)
Dimensions: 28" x 20" x 25" (Skid)
Rotating Brush Kit (#11000) Turbo Nozzle (#11021) Hoses: 25' (#15016-25), 50' (#15016-50), 100' (#15016-100)
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