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About Us

Maxi-Vac is a forty year old family owned and operated company making high quality, professional grade cleaning tools for the HVAC/R industry. For many years we have been building and selling chiller tube and coil cleaning equipment, built by professionals for professionals. All of our equipment is designed and built with rugged durability and field serviceability in mind. Our equipment provides years of reliable service, performing its mission in a quiet business-like manner, making money for the owner. It is not uncommon to hear our customers brag of their equipment which has been in service for over 20 years.

Maxi-vac began in 1971, making whole house vacuums and a clever new vacuum design, named a shop-vac, for Sears. In 1975, Sears bought and moved the product line, leaving Maxi-Vac with a production facility and work force, but no product. At the suggestion of a friend, Maxi-Vac began producing specialized pressure washers for seasonal cleaning of Air Conditioning coils. Our first product, a very basic 250 psi coil cleaner, using a heavy cast iron pump, proved to be such a success that we soon added a 350 psi sibling, doubling our product line up.

From those humble beginnings, we have evolved into a full service manufacturer, supplying equipment to some of the heavy hitters in the industry. Our Design Engineers and Production Engineers are committed to bringing innovative new tools to the marketplace, tools which give you the ability to complete your job better, faster and more profitably. To accomplish this task, Maxi-Vac boasts a full CNC machine shop, an assembly department which averages over 20 years of experience, and a new commitment to serving our customer’s needs. This web site is new, featuring a new user friendly format. We have just started a new monthly newsletter to keep you abreast of the innovations coming from Maxi-Vac, please sign up for our news updates.

In the years since Sears, our products have evolved into modern tools, incorporating aluminum pumps, rugged powder coated steel cases, quick connect features, variable pressure, chemical injectors and many other advancements we all take for granted. But we have never lost sight of the fact that we make tools for the professional, that they need to be rugged, portable, lightweight, and above all they must help you do the job right. We have expanded our product offerings to include chiller tube cleaners, again emphasizing professional grade expectations. These tube cleaners incorporate lightweight, torque-intensive DC motors, providing full torque throughout the speed range. These direct drive designs provide smooth, muscular performance with virtually maintenance free durability. Our first new innovation, which you can see in the coil cleaner section, is the MaxiJet 200, a 200 psi battery coil cleaner with an all day battery, rugged steel case, fully optioned to allow you to do the job right, at a price that just makes sense.

We have built a reputation among our customers for building no-nonsense tools for you, the professional. We have always strived to be not the biggest, but the best. We haven’t always succeeded, but we never quit trying. And, as some of you already know, we are always listening to our customers, asking your opinion, seeking your thoughts. That is the model which has worked in the past, and the model we will use in the future. We invite you to look over our line-up, give our distributors a call for pricing, and let us know what you think.


Thank you for your interest in our products.

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